My Third Book – I am Audacious

I started ‘A Writer’s Exposé’ to speak my unflinching mind. As political issues are not my cup of tea, I started to blog about various social issues that impacted on individuals from all walks of life. Unpredictable situations in life that contributed to my existential angst influenced me to ramble about my experiences on my... Continue Reading →

Featured post

Kovai alias Coimbatore During the weekend, as I was accessing music videos, I came across a few videos eulogizing Coimbatore also known as Kovai, the place where I hailed from. This reminded me of a chapter I had composed about my place of origin from my first book 'Pneuma' which was originally uploaded on Kindle before I... Continue Reading →

Work From Home

"I thought you are not going to work today. Why are you dressed to go out?" I laugh at the confusion on my only offspring's face and explain to him that I was following the protocol of working from home as the need to use collaborative platforms makes appropriate dress code expedient. With social distancing... Continue Reading →

Plagued by threats

Its been a few months since we have been hit by the global pandemic called  Cornoa Virus. The news about a temporary ban on the illegal wildlife trade by the Chinese government made me wonder why it was hard for them to declare a permanent ban on the illegal wildlife trade of animals such as... Continue Reading →

Remembered by Posterity

The initial struggles to carve a niche for myself in the Australian literary or author circles made me wary of impostors or literary agents who threatened to steal my intellectual property either with falsified marketing campaigns or through hackers whose interference could not ignored by me. I joined Australian Society of Authors and Australian Writer's... Continue Reading →

Information Literacy: the future

     With increasing pressures falling on the education systems in place to demonstrate a purpose beyond schools, nowadays educators are compelled to teach students to develop a love for learning and to harbour within them the love for lifelong learning. Hence the need to make all students Information literate, especially when Information Literacy is the... Continue Reading →

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