My Third Book – I am Audacious

I started ‘A Writer’s Exposé’ to speak my unflinching mind. As political issues are not my cup of tea, I started to blog about various social issues that impacted on individuals from all walks of life. Unpredictable situations in life that contributed to my existential angst influenced me to ramble about my experiences on my... Continue Reading →

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Voice Activation: Risks to privacy?

We are not unfamiliar with voice control used to voice-activate many functions in a variety of devices. Most of us know how to voice-activate a multimedia system or the radio to play music from the beginning or to play our favourite tracks and to command cars etc. What if voice control is used to control... Continue Reading →

The Psychology behind Victimisation

We have all heard about victims and victimisation. What really needs to be understood is the psychology behind people’s need to victimize others. Dictionary defines Victimisation as causing someone to be treated unfairly or made to feel as if he is in a bad position. In other words, an example of victimisation is when a... Continue Reading →


Who is free from the clutches of the devil? I mean even Jesus Christ from the Bible, the New Testament Luke 4:1-14, was not spared from the evil machinations of the devil. Christians are not unaware about the section from the scriptures where Satan tempts Jesus with hedonism, egoism, and materialism which translates into lust... Continue Reading →

This part of my life is called ‘Searching’

After a period of unexplained prolonged absence from my blogsite, afflicted by a few assessments one after the other, I eventually found time to share my random thoughts with a few virtual friends who might accidentally stray on to my corner. My ‘Searching’ commenced with my struggles to find time for my pursuits which could... Continue Reading →

Welsh Dragon

An indefinite period of chastisement miraculously transformed into an opportunity for a fresh start or at least that is how it appeared to me when I first accidentally stumbled upon by appointment to a new establishment. However, what really piqued my curiosity was an emblem that was bright red in colour which I later found... Continue Reading →

A Life Without Toilet Rolls

Wednesday being the pay day, on receiving my fortnightly pay, I decided to shop earlier than usual to solve the mystery of the missing toilet paper rolls from the shopping aisles in Coles as I had not seen one for more than a month. Every time I visited Coles for an item or few things... Continue Reading →

Age with Dignity

The clock struck twelve. Ready to dig into a caramel flavoured sponged cake, I advanced towards the coffee table in the living room when I heard my only offspring yell out for the nth time “Happy Birthday to you…” and he added that I had turned 46 years old and was running on 47 .... Continue Reading →

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