Heaven or Haven?

Affluence in all its extravaganza finds expression in the dwellings of celebrities, jewellers and the elite. Palatial edifices replacing humble abodes is becoming the norm and is a trend that is rampant. Golden chambers, 3D effects, expanses transformed miraculously into ‘Raj Darbars’, cascading drapes studded with precious stones, modern and antique furnishings claiming their pristine locus lending the place an aura of elegance and aristocracy are symbolic of prestige, status and wealth nowadays. The concept of comfortable homes is substituted with the competitive need for recognition among the richest and the urge to leave an everlasting impression on the minds of both the contemporary and the posterity. Hence the efforts of tycoons, performers and those born with a silver spoon.

Joy Alukkas’ residence


Sharukh Khan’s houseshahrukh

Mamooty’s house


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