Neha is an immigrant who is focused on being a successful teacher and parent. After ensuring her son, John, wakes up on time, changes into his school uniform, and eats a healthy breakfast, Neha is left exhausted and wondering if her decision to migrate to Australia was nothing short of a gamble. Even though she... Continue Reading →


I sail upon the fathomless ocean through swirling storms and catastrophic currents in search of a tropical island where I could anchor my weather-beaten sea sick soul.    A crew-less captain on a long voyage with the course set and ravaged by plundering, thought piracy and natural disasters Each cast off guided by the lighthouse of wisdom.... Continue Reading →

Skills Assessment – An Expediency?

Recent news on the radio about fake certificates used by an individual to gain Australian citizenship baffled me as recognised universities all over the world have registration numbers allocated to each valid certificate and as far as my knowledge goes, Department of Immigration and Citizenship checks the authenticity of the attested certificates attached with the... Continue Reading →

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