Neha is an immigrant who is focused on being a successful teacher and parent. After ensuring her son, John, wakes up on time, changes into his school uniform, and eats a healthy breakfast, Neha is left exhausted and wondering if her decision to migrate to Australia was nothing short of a gamble. Even though she knows she is one of the fortunate to have passed the Teacher’s Recruitment Board examination, Neha is still searching for fulfillment.

Neha, who has never been a quitter, knows all too well that adversity often leads to accolades. But as she faces both challenges and successes, her varied experiences, relationships, and circumstances contribute toward transforming her identity and ultimately hurl her into existential angst. While reliving her past and battling with the present, Neha embarks on a spiritual quest that she hopes will lead her to clarity, the discovery of her true self, and a positive future.

In this charming novel, an Australian migrant must navigate through a journey of self-discovery in order to determine her true identity and where life will take her next.


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