Boisterous isn’t too bad!

I am born with a naturally booming voice which becomes louder when I’m excited, emotional or passionate about the subject I am engrossed with. Manipulative people or misguided mob, in the past, failing to comprehend the scientific and social reasons behind a loud voice, have tried to cause me much embarrassment by linking it with code of conduct issues. Instead of resolving issues with professionalism and finding the root cause for disagreements or conflicts, common man/woman preferred to play the age-old game of stabbing in the back by filing complaints about me for having raised my voice during a heated exchange or for refusing to stoop to conquer. Shouldering the responsibility of  enlightening the ignorant, I embarked on researching why people spoke loudly and stumbled upon some astounding yet interesting facts which I thought would be useful to share with my followers.

According to Dr. Amee Shah, Director of the speech acoustics and perception laboratory at Cleveland State University, the four factors which contribute towards a loud voice are biological component, a pathological component, a personality component and a cultural component.  Besides the size of the larynx, vocal cords and lungs which differ from individual to individual, changes in the tissue and vibration rate of the vocal cords as air pushes through determine the loudness of the speaker’s voice. Personality of an individual plays a significant role in generating loud voice. Often people with power or authority or dominant traits produce loud voice unconsciously and often become aware only when others indicate to them verbally or through gestures. Culturally speaking, women are sometimes expected to speak in a soft voice, especially in their interactions with their male counterparts, however, women hailing from cultures where people do not inhibit them from talking loudly, as they are treated with equity, show tendencies to engage in louder conversations without being self-conscious in any way as they are more focused on the content than the delivery. Sometimes, the duration an individual spends amidst loud spoken people tend to influence his/her style of talking.



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