Caught off guard!

It was 8:45 pm and darkness had spread its myriad tentacles, unaware, on the summer skies, casting its achromatic gloom on the residents of the city. I was returning from a training session in my little red Toyota Yaris YR feeling gloated about being successful in my venture when the unforeseeable occurred.  As I had... Continue Reading →

Inner Perspectives

A power often underestimated. A gesture that elicits gratitude and enhances performance. A reinforcement resorted to frequently by effective leaders. An inexpensive token that fetches rich outcomes. A straw of motivation clutched by aspirants. Yet a commodity used sparingly by misers. Adulations. Call it hyperbole or generalisation, people in power or relationships find the deed... Continue Reading →

Denied three times!

As an educator, I do not know if you ever had faced the embarrassment of a student denying that you were his teacher a few years ago. In that hilarious moment of denial, I felt like Jesus Christ, not because I had the foresight to predict such a reaction few years later but because I... Continue Reading →

The curse of Technology

On Sundays, I try to remind myself that I am a true christian and make it a point to attend the holy mass at the local roman catholic church. Last Sabbath, I was strong enough to put my epicurean lifestyle aside and ventured to participate in the collective prayers offered to God, which never failed... Continue Reading →

Draupadi – a staunch feminist?

If I were to say that the birth of feminism dates back to 500 BCE I am not blaspheming. Sure it does sound like I am contradicting facts for the records state that the first wave of feminism was born between 1848-1920. I would like to remind you about Draupadi's marriage to the five pandava... Continue Reading →

The Charm of the Unexplored

When the world was on the brink of a brand new year 2000, I planned my first overseas trip to Singapore. The extra-ordinariness of the trip hailed from few novel ventures such as my first flight journey. My actions, behaviour and hilarious facial expressions, when I fought giddiness and temporary deafness with the taking off... Continue Reading →

History fails as an instructor!

Recently I overhead a conversation between two immature individuals with one remarking to the other that "if one is an Indian he/she deserves no respect" which saddened me more than it offended me. What makes one race think that they are superior over others?  Is it political feats, historical achievements, science and technological advancements, industrial... Continue Reading →

It’s my hard earned money!

We are all visited by our relatives every now and then or once in a while. As guests, sometimes, we feel that our hospitality is taken for granted and the efforts we take to make them feel comfortable is overlooked. There was this occasion when a very close kith and kin of mine paid me... Continue Reading →

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