History fails as an instructor!

Recently I overhead a conversation between two immature individuals with one remarking to the other that “if one is an Indian he/she deserves no respect” which saddened me more than it offended me. What makes one race think that they are superior over others?  Is it political feats, historical achievements, science and technological advancements, industrial revolutions, cultural heritage, academic procurements or world records in sports? Every country irrespective of its race, colour or creed has been adding laurels to their crowns in all the above-mentioned dimensions. The prevalence of such racial discrimination within communities is a testimony of the fact that history has failed to educate us. I don’t have to remind you that half a century ago when one race thought themselves to be superior over another it led to the killing of six million Jews; the most gruesome murder known as the holocaust, which we have all studied in history. In all parts of the world, racism still reigns either in subtle or in blatant ways. Historical incidents, events or occurrences have proved over and over again that the outcome of  segregation, discrimination, inequalities and injustices are never positive and have always lead to disastrous consequences. The fact that we still resort to such mean tactics or modus operandi defeats the purpose of learning history. Failure to rectify our ways could lead to history repeating itself. Will we ever be able to recover from the shocking developments that would ensue from such practices?


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