Should we follow the Holy books to the letter?

No. Astounded? Baffled? The sacred books of the world, written almost 3500 years ago and between 400 and 700 CE, targeted people living in that period of time and hence the teachings and ways of living recommended by these scriptures with the intention of emancipating people from paganism reflected the  values and beliefs prevalent in the then societies or communities. Even though the much revered books were compiled gradually over quarter of a century, the composers  could not have fathomed the modernisation that we have achieved in the field of science, technology, education, engineering, fashion, literature and philosophy. Therefore, it is expedient that we question and challenge those irrelevant doctrines advocated by these books for the simple reason that it is unsuitable for our contemporary lifestyle and the difference in the period of time has lead to its misinterpretation. If we were to set aside these inaccuracies, all sacred books emphasise on the ‘live and let live’ policy with utmost significance attached to moral values. None would disagree with me when I state that these recommendations need to be followed in all earnestness. I can vouch for the fact that none of the scriptures encourage militant tendencies or approve of mass killing. If at all we wage a holy war or Jihaad, it should not be against fellow beings  but against corruption, evil forces, poverty, dictators and any power who is regarded as a threat to international security. 


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