Caught off guard!

It was 8:45 pm and darkness had spread its myriad tentacles, unaware, on the summer skies, casting its achromatic gloom on the residents of the city. I was returning from a training session in my little red Toyota Yaris YR feeling gloated about being successful in my venture when the unforeseeable occurred.  As I had to exit left into Woodville Road, I persisted in driving through the middle lane for the obvious reason that it was possible to change lanes swiftly on nearing the intersection, when I sensed a movement from the left side of the kerb. I saw two men laughing and joking with each other, whom I identified as industrial workers from their night shirts.  One of them dared to venture into the left lane, with his back towards me and to my horror or surprise, bringing his pants half way down generously flashed his bare rear end in all its glory. And I went, “What the f***?”

It definitely caught me off guard not because this was the first Anglosaxon or European butt I had chanced upon but because I could not decipher the reason for this act of generosity from a total stranger, which was generally deemed as insolence. If it was not intended that way, then I thought that the only inexplicable reason for his atrocious behaviour would have been intoxication caused by alcohol or drug consumption. As I continued driving, for some unfathomable reason, I thought of all the Hollywood butts that had taken me by surprise while watching films (Oh! And a few Bollywood butts as well besides the ones I had a relationship with). I am not being hyperpolic in my statement. How many of us have had the experience of staring at Hollywood butts when we least expected them? I can name a few effortlessly – Jason Segel in Forgetting Sarah Marshal, Will Ferrell in Get Hard, Justin Timberlake in Friends with Benefits and so on and so forth. As far as Bollywood is concerned, John Abraham has delightfully shocked me on more than one occasion while watching Hindi films.

By the time, I reached the turn around my house, I snapped out of my speculations and reasoned to myself that what I had tried to do was drown the memory of the stranger’s butt in a sea of Hollywood butts.


cartoon guy with pants pulled down


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