A Rocky Start?

A sea of faces sparkling with enthusiasm and brimming with happiness whilst greeting friends and chattering about varied holiday experiences reluctantly  preparing themselves for the commencement of yet another academic year. I merged with the group noiselessly noticed by a few and unnoticed by many. Few furtive glances at the gathering made me wonder if ... Continue Reading →

Banks Should Not Be Parasitic!

Jointly owned mortgages are a huge success when all is well between the joint owners who are usually partners. On paper both the owners are liable for the fortnightly payments. Yet when one owner acts and behaves irresponsibly and takes a raincheck on the expected payments for some unexplainable reason and for an indefinite period... Continue Reading →

The Inevitability of Prenup

In the modern age, with break-ups happening around us, be it married or de facto relationships, prenuptial agreement is the only way to protect our properties and assets and to ensure that either of the parties do not feel jilted and are treated with fairness. Every father/mother should demand prenuptial agreement and finalise the terms... Continue Reading →

I Speak my mind . . .

There was an era when people attached significance to how immaculately they dressed as people often weighed others' status based on their appearance. They went to extravagant length to choose expensive fashionable clothes and shoes and matching accessories such as jewellery, purses, handbags etc to convince most at social gatherings that they hailed form affluent... Continue Reading →

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