I Speak my mind . . .

There was an era when people attached significance to how immaculately they dressed as people often weighed others’ status based on their appearance. They went to extravagant length to choose expensive fashionable clothes and shoes and matching accessories such as jewellery, purses, handbags etc to convince most at social gatherings that they hailed form affluent milieus. When I look around and find teenagers and young adults confidently attired in ripped, tattered or holey jeans,  I realise there has been a sea change in the trend of yesteryear. I know that I sound judgmental and am aware that I am not right in judging people by what they wear and should be valuing a person according to his/her personality, skills and qualities. 

I may come across as antediluvian to most when I point out that this fashionable trend is not what you would regard as “good value for money” however, I have my reasons for doing so.  For starters, it gives the wearer an unkempt, impoverished appearance, which could misguide people into entertaining assumptions about the wearer’s employment status etc owing to its faded look. Secondly, this fashionable piece that ranges from $50 to $3500 can be easily recreated with a pair of pre-owned, durable and faded jeans by deliberately ripping it in places, cutting it short or removing large sections of fabric from it. Thirdly, a good pair of jeans, whether expensive or not, is suitable for all occasions whereas a ripped or holey jean may not be considered as an appropriate wear for certain occasions. Above all, I fail to see the glamour in pockets sticking out of shorts that has been modified from a pair of decent jeans.

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