Digital Electricity Meter – Hackable? A scam?

For almost a year, I have been ranting and raving about shocking electricity bills, which have begun only since the replacement of analogue electricity meter with digital ones. With the analogue meter, consumers did not have to worry about off peak and peak time usage and even during winter and summer when consumers use of heaters and air- conditioners increased the electricity bills were just up by a hundred dollars, which was reasonable and comprehensible. Now the rates are $35.56 during peak time 12 pm-8 pm, $8.14 during off peak time 10 pm to 7 am, $14.08  during shoulder period and on weekends and public holidays the rates being $14.08 from 7 am to 10 pm and $8.14 from 10 pm to 7 am. This being the case, on extremely sultry days if I succumb to the luxury of air-conditioners I would end up paying a ridiculously staggering bill or I would have to wait for off-peak time to relieve myself off the heat and profuse sweating or excessive perspiration. I am also compelled to operate my dishwasher and washing machine etc during the off peak hours. There are other electric appliances such as the refrigerators, internet  and  other entertainment units that we fail to exercise control on the usage even if we would prefer to. Being a tenant, I did not have the choice of opting out of the digital option and adhering to the analogue meter.

This being the calamitous developments since the introduction of digital electricity meters, our modern day ingenious populace have resorted to  innumerable devious methods to slow down these black digital boxes with red lights on them.


Would you blame them for hacking the digital electricity metres? Personally, I wouldn’t. All my cries, pleas and frustration did not reduce my electricity bills. Whether the authorities behind this torturous piece of invention or the electricity providers like it or not, the digital meter has assumed the form of a scam especially if it is hack-able. Now this has initiated my suspicions if hackers can increase the speed of electricity meter using some weird tactic which explains the shocking bill. I am not exaggerating when I state that my usage (as demonstrated in the bill) is two-three times more than the neighbour’s usage.

Anyone in the right state of mind would seriously consider reverting to the analogue meter. If my requests for an analogue electricity meter has fallen on deaf ears, then that would automatically confirm that the digital meter is a scam!

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