Classrooms: Modern Kurukshetraas

If you are wondering what  the term 'Kurukshetra' means it was a place of war as mentioned in the epic narrative 'Mahabaratha'. The history behind this historical locale is that when King Kuru chose this land at the banks of Saraswathi river to settle and performed a supreme sacrifice to embed the place with spiritual... Continue Reading →

A tool of the opposite sex

A couple of years ago, one afternoon, when I was organising resources for period 4, one of my top students in year 10 insisted that I stay in the classroom at the end of the lesson as he had something important to talk. Lunch commenced and the mystery ended when this student accompanied by another... Continue Reading →

A Dissertation upon roast chicken

It being the year ending and all,  I went to Campbelltown in July to file tax returns, a ritual or tradition I follow year after year. And the outcome was as usual; thanks to my reliable and trustworthy tax agent. No surprises there. Hunger made us halt at Campbelltown Mall and my choice for lunch... Continue Reading →

We are all Poets!

We are all poets according to William Wordsworth's definition of poetry, which is "the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings that takes its origin in emotions recollected in tranquility." Before I include few poems (which may appear to most as amateur attempts) in today's blog, let me remind you that we all reminisce about experiences past... Continue Reading →

In love with myself

A day of martyrdom. A day of commemoration. A day for celebrating the love between two lovers, star-crossed or not. 14th of February. We are not unfamiliar with the history of Valentine's Day.  Yet on Valentine's Day, neither do we rustle the pages of our memory to acknowledge the selfless sacrifice made by Father Valentine,... Continue Reading →

Perceptions and Repercussions

Successful graduation from University of Technology Sydney provided me with the tertiary qualification that I needed for employment in NSW DET (as referred to then)  secondary schools. With this venture, the opportunity to work with young boys and girls became a reality. Being coloured and possessing a distinctive accent, it was not hard for the... Continue Reading →

Higher Aspirations!

Stars have myriad connotations, ranging from celestial bodies to a spiritual symbol. The most common and popular association being with success and accomplishments. Childhood memories of striving hard to earn golden stars on teacher charts for being a good learner, for excellent behaviour, for quality work etc. are still fresh in my mind. As years... Continue Reading →

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