Higher Aspirations!

Stars have myriad connotations, ranging from celestial bodies to a spiritual symbol. The most common and popular association being with success and accomplishments. Childhood memories of striving hard to earn golden stars on teacher charts for being a good learner, for excellent behaviour, for quality work etc. are still fresh in my mind. As years passed by, I yearned for acknowledgement and recognition of a different sort. University rank, qualifying in National and State Eligibility Tests, government recruitment exams etc. so ran the endless list.
Migration to Australia led to aspirations that was connected to survival in a new foreign land. The desire to transform credits in the first semester to distinction in the final semester became a reality with industriousness. The land of opportunities made it possible for me to achieve the Australian dream – a house, a stable and secure government job that would provide retirement benefits etc. in the autumn of my life. Once I procured a foot in the education industry, roles that would help me advance in my career in different ways became my pursuit.
Having meandered through the sojourns of nostalgia, an emptiness within me , drove me in a different direction. International fame and name had a strange lure for me. Predictable and unpredictable experiences in life hurled me into a spiritual quest. The journey resulted in self-publishing my first book ‘Pneuma’. Riding the waves of imagination and creativity, I am on my way to achieving this new goal as a few readers have given my book five star rating and 277 have added my book to their ‘on-to-read’ shelves!
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