A tool of the opposite sex

A couple of years ago, one afternoon, when I was organising resources for period 4, one of my top students in year 10 insisted that I stay in the classroom at the end of the lesson as he had something important to talk.

Lunch commenced and the mystery ended when this student accompanied by another top student of year 10 walked into the classroom with a gift bag. He said that he was acknowledging the fact that I was a good teacher (I have been his teacher since year 7). Then much to my surprise, he started saying things to me like he wanted to give the gift to me only because it was lying around and that his mother wanted him to give it to me as I was a good teacher and that I should be grateful to him for agreeing with his mum. With that, he walked out of the classroom with his stunned friend.

Did I just get negged? It was as though a cyclone had struck me. He sure did have a weird sense of humour. However, the sweet fragrance of Calvin Klein – Beauty compensated his unconventional method of expressing gratitude.


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