Awakened from his deep slumber, he dashed to the front door in anticipation. He searched frantically among the bushes with an air of expectancy and a sense of wonder. Like a crouching predator that leaps on its prey, he jumped on the basket of Easter egg chocolates as soon as he spotted it, carefully concealed... Continue Reading →

If rotund, relationship goes to rocks

Car doors slammed. Late start to school. Wipers squeal in their incessant efforts to erase the raindrops collected on the windscreen. Chillness increased with the drizzle. Not removing my eyes form the road, my left hand reached out to turn on the radio and adjust the heating system in the vehicle. The familiar voices of... Continue Reading →


S*** MY D***! Any educator working in a co-educational institution or boys' high schools would have heard these inappropriate words uttered by male teenage students. I did not insinuate that they said this to educators but they yelled this phrase out to each other quite dauntlessly whether they literally meant it or not. This made... Continue Reading →


Numbers usually connote strength, safety and security. It is for this reason that people in all trades and professions become members of unions. A small membership fee usually meant collective representation for both individual and professional or communal reasons such as increased wages, workload, funding for schools etc. The purpose of belonging to unions is... Continue Reading →

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