S*** MY D***! Any educator working in a co-educational institution or boys’ high schools would have heard these inappropriate words uttered by male teenage students. I did not insinuate that they said this to educators but they yelled this phrase out to each other quite dauntlessly whether they literally meant it or not. This made me wonder about the factors that contributed to the secondary school students’ obsession with their secondary sexual organs (male); an obsession that they never grew out of even when they  become adults and attained growth and maturity. 

My mind then strayed into the foyers of nostalgia and memories of having seen lingam in temples and films flooded to my mind. Lingam literally means ‘penis’, which is the Hindu symbol of god Shiva, often showed in conjunction with the female genitalia. Genitals had varied connotations in different cultures followed in different parts of the world. In Latin, lingus, which is a Sanskrit derivative, means tongue and the phallus, which is a Greek derivative from phallos, means penis. Many churches, temples and other religious monuments had representations of  genitals which was intended to keep the evil forces at bay. Later on, these representations were regarded as evil manifestations by devil worshipers, especially during the renaissance. My research enlightened me, for I understood that male genitals were and still are synonymous with notions of power and hence, in modern slang, guts and balls are used to define courage. 

Women have vanquished men in different walks of life in the modern world and in the ancient times this was not an unfamiliar occurrence as shown by the carvings and paintings of Kali devouring the genitals and entrails of her lover at the same time, representations of  Aphrodite killing her lovers by ripping out their genitals and intestines and as evident in the symbolic ceremony denoting the arrival of spring when the  entrails of Loki was ripped out by a rope tied around his genitals. I guess, what I am saying is that by ripping out the genitals of men, women asserted their power and this proves the point made earlier that penis or dick is regarded by males as a symbol of power universally besides being a symbol of  fertility and male sexuality.

So, these days when I see artistic portrayal of male genitals on the side of the white board, or at the back of chairs and on tables, I smile understandingly and think to myself that the boys have found strange ways of expressing  their thoughts or themselves.


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  1. A very informative post Neetha . A lot of information. Particularly the one on Aphrodite. I have adopted her as my dream goddess and am in possession of her stone which I collected from her rock in Cyprus.
    And moreover, her passion of doing it to her lovers is a good reminder for me!
    A big question of the dream world is answered. Thank you


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