COMING SOON – My second book under my own banner ‘WORDMAGIC PUBLISHING’

In a dystopian setting, murders are executed in the dead of the night and bodies emerge in mysterious circumstances. What began as an old-fashioned scam in a country with a long history of corruption involving officials at the testing agency, political backers, a network of fixers and touts who had exacted preposterous sums of money to guarantee candidates government jobs by fixing the results of the tests exploded into a political controversy. But when a mysterious document surfaced with few influential names a political upheaval ensued. While the saga of mysterious deaths continued, and narcissistic authoritarians basked in the glory of their achievements, a breakthrough in the scientific world in the field of quantum physics industry precipitated a series of unresolved crimes that transformed the nation into a turbulent domain. When the world that believed that human teleportation was impossible for another century, attempts to teleport human beings using genetic coding results in bilocation, posing a new threat to the research in quantum teleportation, as the original and the replica existed in two different places at the same time. Would the scientists’ unsuccessful efforts to transfer the memories to the reconstructed younger version of the human being expose the team? Would the lack of moral conscience in the younger replica version whose spirit has the slightest resemblance to that of the original, who failed to disintegrate, lead to unpredictable disasters? With the fast flourishing porn industry, it was the dawn of a dark epoch that encroached on the ignorant and the aware alike. Would the mysterious powerful personages responsible for these criminalities risk being exposed? 


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