Toilet Seat: A Place of Wisdom

I parked the car in the driveway, stumbled out of it, fumbled with the keys before opening the front door and, to prevent a disastrous occurrence, ran to the toilet and thanked heavens for just making it to the toilet seat in time. Waves of relief washed over me as I released the cause of a few agonising moments into the bowl and the sound of the familiar flushing system, call it exaggeration or hyperbole, was music to my ears.  A sense of urgency and immediacy, which had propelled me into drills that assured me that I had excellent gross motor skills, disappeared into oblivion. I soon found myself pondering about the day’s happenings and arrived at unparalleled solutions for issues that had seemed unsolvable earlier in the day. 

I realised that this was not an unnatural phenomenon as toilet seats have always been the hub of information with people reading newspapers, magazines, accessing different search engines for their immediate needs on their mobile phones and texting to friends and family to find out the latest gossip or development .  For the first time I was also able to understand why people took a long time to step out of the toilets completely unintimidated by other family members lining up in front of the door screaming and yelling for their turn. 

Being the highly imaginative person I am, I extended the scenario to the world of politicians who would have solved many major crises of their respective countries by ruminating on toilet seats. Many an inventor or an architect would have found their inspiration for their innovations on this porcelain or plastic throne. Many an author or poet would have found their muse on this seat of wisdom like Buddha attained his enlightenment while he was meditating under the Bodhi tree. Different people may attach different significance to their experiences on the toilet seat, but for me the toilet seat is a medium to board the flight of  my imagination. 



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