Feminists before Chauvinists (males, of course!)

We are not unfamiliar with the law ‘Bros before Hoes’. Last night when I was viewing ‘Think Like a Man’ film, there was a scene in a bus where Kevin Hart, requesting his mates not to answer their girl friends’ calls, uttered the unwritten law ‘Bros before Hoes’. Of course, we know that in a man’s world friends gain a unique significance that his nagging woman does not have and hence the phrase.


This commenced the search for an equivalent law among women and I came across a few such as ‘Chicks before Di**s’, ‘Whores before Bros’, ‘Sisters before Misters’ etc. I found those unimpressive and was a little low in spirits; a state of mind which initiated a second search to find instances of its usage.  Understandably, a man in a relationship with a new girlfriend spends more time with his new chic as he is keen on making it work that he unconsciously ignores his friends or fails to find time for his friends. The unwritten law ‘Bros before Hoes’ emphasizes that while working on a new relationship it is till important for a man to find time for his friends. There is also the perception that a new girlfriend could cause misunderstandings between friends or petty quarrels among mates and therefore it is useful to remind themselves that friendship comes before man-woman relationship.

Women are unhappy when this law is implemented as their secondary place in men’s lives are confirmed. It is a universal law used by men to justify the unjust break-ups with their partners or when they have resolved to go splitsville.  What the blokes are turning a blind eye to is that women go through similar situations when they spend excessive time in the company of their male counterparts. In fact, when they express their desire to have a girls’ night out or catch up with their few besties, they are often talked out of it. Flowers, gifts, extra shower of love or affection, words of endearment etc., are all it takes for men to cast their spell on these selfless women to coax them to forget their friends and sometimes even family. 

It is essential for couples to have a mutual understanding that while they are each no. 1 in the other’s lives, they need to bestow a lion’s share of their time to their friends. All is well as long as relationships go well. When things fall apart, both men and women look for support network to get over the heart ache and hence the significance attached to comradeship. Whether masculinists are willing to make modifications to the outdated prevalent law or not, women who have been affected by the practice of this unfair law should uphold the rule ‘Feminists before chauvinists.’


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