Beautiful Beast that Symbolizes Power and Universal Freedom

Annually, my efforts to professionally develop myself as an educator take me to a very picturesque venue, which is a feast for the eyes. Despite the busy schedule on those days, I always make it a point to find time to drink in the beauty of this mesmerizing locale. Through the glass walls, my eyes... Continue Reading →

Umbilical Cord: Symbol of Flowing Connection

Hours of painful piercing cries were numbed by an epidural. Pushing became less agonizing and what seemed an impossible ordeal suddenly became possible. A life was brought into the world. Overwhelmed and exhausted, memories of collapsing flooded to my head. Before succumbing to fatigue, I caught a glimpse of the newborn with remnants of blood here... Continue Reading →

Mortifying Occasions

A helpless spectator, powerless to stop the inevitable, widens his eyes in horror as a conspiracy is being hatched. A deviant droplet of spit that escapes from his cavity of words chooses that awkward moment to land on a passive listener's visage. The listener, unable to mask her surprise, pretends nothing unusual occurred. The seeming... Continue Reading →

An Eulogy to Wine

The very shape of it is seductive whether transparent, olive green or black. The thin film of glistening droplets on its surface has a direct appeal to the senses that the mouth begins to water. You become aware of a thirst that must be quenched immediately. The pop of the cork from the bottle is... Continue Reading →

Change is the need of the hour: Latest Propaganda

NSW teacher slams NAPLAN as Education Minister calls for tests to be scrapped While one cannot overlook the fact that after a decade's time a testing system, no matter how effective, has to undergo changes to suit the varied learning styles and different needs of  students, the propaganda that NAPLAN causes a lot of... Continue Reading →

Has Slavery been Abolished?

In the 21st century, people are still bound by the shackles of bondage. Preposterous statement!  Hold that reaction in check. Servitude seems to be our motto. We are slaves to money; We are enslaved to power; We are slaves who yearn to be dominated by the influential as we look up to them for petty... Continue Reading →

Anthem For A Doomed ‘Me’

Suffocation. Hazy vision. Lifeless limbs. Drowsiness. Lapse of memory. Where am I? What was happening to me? Heart beat quickened. Pulse raced. Lungs clamoured for air. Panic stricken,  I realised I had to swim to stop myself from drowning. I thrashed my arms and legs in desperation. I felt the rustle of papers. I tried... Continue Reading →

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