Has Slavery been Abolished?

In the 21st century, people are still bound by the shackles of bondage. Preposterous statement!  Hold that reaction in check. Servitude seems to be our motto. We are slaves to money; We are enslaved to power; We are slaves who yearn to be dominated by the influential as we look up to them for petty profits or significant gains. We are serfs who surrender to outwardly show of affection as ‘the course of true love never did run smooth’. We are bond-servants to hypocrisy as we prefer to hide our true identity behind masks than show our genuine nature to the world. We are helots to comforts and properties and pleasures for a life sans these would be unbearable and impossible even though we willingly bear the yoke of enormous bills that we pay in rotation than paying it off altogether. Henry David Thoreau is a nincompoop to live all by himself in a cabin near Walden Pond for two years, denouncing materialism as he was a fan of simplicity and despised paying unnecessary taxes to the American Government. We are in thrall to eulogies. We are minions to our own fabrications which we begin to believe is true with every oration.  We are hierodules to our own vile addictions which we do not desire to free ourselves from. Slavery is a contemporary reality and continues to rule over us in all pretentious forms.



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