An Eulogy to Wine

The very shape of it is seductive whether transparent, olive green or black. The thin film of glistening droplets on its surface has a direct appeal to the senses that the mouth begins to water. You become aware of a thirst that must be quenched immediately. The pop of the cork from the bottle is music to wine lovers all over the world, which is followed by the effervescence of the liquid as you tilt the bottle to fill a wine glass. When the froth formed separate into bubbles bordering on the inside of the wine glass only to waltz in joy before it exits, oh what a finish! Did I tell you that it is a crime to drink unchilled wine? An act of gross injustice that would offend the manufacturers, connoisseurs of wine and food critics alike. Red wine adds glamour to a snifter whereas white wine adds sparkle to your stemware. Sparkling rose, on the other hand, with its romantic hue would lend the crystal cut glassware an aura of romance.

The feeling you get when you swish the sweet, sour, tangy, crisp liquid in your mouth with your first sip is unsurpassable. A few more sips and you are courted by a gentle warmth, which gradually spreads through your veins making you feel relaxed and carefree. You can feel your spirits soar high in the clouds of imagination or intoxication. You feel your body come alive with tingling sensations tantalising you. You cruise through different phases ranging from giddy headedness to emotional turmoil to audacious acts to boisterous outbursts until the bottle of pleasure is drained.

Meandering through the hazy maze of sleepfulness, you confront certain truths or stumble upon some revelations. Your riotous journey ends when the intoxication subsides. Toast to all wine lovers


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