Stereotypical Perceptions

Saturday evenings are usually lethargic. Sleep in, brunch, movies, chores, take-away food etc characterised the day. One deviant Saturday, I converted 8000 Flybuys points into $40 despite having tax refunds to spend on shopping sprees. Being a government employee and paid on a fortnightly basis, on occasions, especially on the concluding days of the fortnight,... Continue Reading →

Overstaying One’s Welcome

Well informed individuals know the consequences of overstaying one's visa. If the path chosen by those who outstayed their work or temporary or tourist visas is non-cooperation, then it would come as no surprise if they are arrested for breach of law. Alternately, if  for some valid reason they did outstay and chose to cooperate... Continue Reading →

The Truth and illusion that shrouds NRIs

When an NRI returns to his home soil and narrates success stories and has invested in properties in his motherland or has shown signs of having amassed wealth in the foreign country that he is currently employed, listeners are often sceptical about his real profession and his riches. During weddings, christenings, birthday parties etc, many... Continue Reading →

Tit for Tat: Hierarchies summoned to salvage dignity

Short amnesia? Or selective forgetfulness? How conveniently people bury truth about their identity and origin, especially if it has a tinge of embarrassment? Or may be these important people have forgotten the maxim, "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones". Non-Indians who originally hailed from India derive pleasure in denying their connections to... Continue Reading →

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