Machos with Cosmopolitan Look

At 44, I have begun to look at the opposite sex with a different perspective. Hot men have always been an exciting topic for women of all age groups. Popular culture has influenced us to believe that French men are good lovers, American men are easy-going and informal who treat their women with equity, Italian... Continue Reading →

Suckers for Discounts

Discount is a trend in disguise which does not necessarily translate into saving money. We are too blind to see the reality behind this luring technique embraced by all companies whether big or small to advertise their products. The magical word 'discount' for some unknown reason is synonymous with the word bargain when in reality... Continue Reading →

Relocation a Herculean effort?

The initial excitement one experiences when one has found a suitable accommodation to reside as a tenant and the joyous feeling that wells up in an individual when he or she secures the property with a holding deposit subside when the individual or family starts packing their belongings. "Where to begin?" is the first question... Continue Reading →

Now I Know why Lady Justice is Blindfolded!

Propaganda about employing novices in the workforce while underrating or dismissing experienced employees, especially from their permanent positions, is regarded as a "dick move" only because the move contradicts the existing laws in place. Most organisations and institutions are aware of the legal implications of attaching any undue significance to this hidden agenda or promotional strategy. Then why would the corporate... Continue Reading →

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