Now I Know why Lady Justice is Blindfolded!

Propaganda about employing novices in the workforce while underrating or dismissing experienced employees, especially from their permanent positions, is regarded as a “dick move” only because the move contradicts the existing laws in place. Most organisations and institutions are aware of the legal implications of attaching any undue significance to this hidden agenda or promotional strategy. Then why would the corporate world and other fields conveniently overlook the legal side and employ the young and the inexperienced.

According to the Age Discrimination Act 2004, ‘Section 18 Discrimination in employment’, it is unlawful for an employer or person to discriminate against a person on the ground of the employer’s age, to determine who should be offered employment and to deny the employee access  or to limit the employee access to opportunities for promotion, transfer or training, or to any other benefits associated with employment. While the general public share an understanding of the need to employ the unemployed youth, making sacrificial lambs of the experienced, dedicated and committed staff is an unpardonable offence. A nation that fails to value the contributions of the skilled and the knowledgeable is doomed. Young blood is often daring, risky, passionate, innovative and committed however they also lack skill, discipline, experience; they lack the ability to cope with pressures and frustration attached to their profession and to accept constructive feedback and are overly dependent on technology instead of relying on manual or alternative skills. Balance is essential to restore justice as signified by the scales of justice which is synonymous to the fair distribution of law.

Often being compelled by situations to bear the brunt of ridicule, I have often wondered about the circumstances that had influenced Lady Justice to blindfold herself. Although there is the popular perception that blindfolded Lady Justice represents truth and impartiality, fearing or favouring none, the inner machinations of my twisted mind chooses to believe that her blindfoldedness is symbolic of turning a blind eye to justice as she knows that she is powerless against the pernicious influence of money, power, position etc. and is not able to bear the vanquish of justice at the hands of evil forces.




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