Machos with Cosmopolitan Look

At 44, I have begun to look at the opposite sex with a different perspective. Hot men have always been an exciting topic for women of all age groups. Popular culture has influenced us to believe that French men are good lovers, American men are easy-going and informal who treat their women with equity, Italian stallions, though possessive are the best lovers as they are caring and know how to keep their women happy etc., etc. These myths or stereotypical perceptions about men could have either hailed from their physical appearances or the dating experiences of women from different nationalities or from media manipulations.

Attractive or good looking men have always been an interesting subject to me like most other women. I always welcome such digressions as they lend excitement and pleasure to my otherwise dull or boring mundane life. My acquaintances and not -so-close friends have always been clueless about my covert pursuits as I have been secretive. I have had no qualms about expressing my admiration for dashing men irrespective of their nationalities be it Italian, Greek, Asian or Middle Eastern. A certain inability to establish connection with these strikingly handsome or ruggedly good looking gentlemen either due to racial or cultural differences or their attitude, position and status has compelled to me to turn to men of my own community for gratification.    

It didn’t take long for me to realise that Indian men are as cosmopolitan in looks as the others. One wouldn’t find it difficult to agree with me if I uploaded a few photos of currently popular North and South Indian actors who have stolen the hearts of many a woman. I chose celebrities to prove my argument for the simple reason that they are so well known that their images can be easily accessed via the internet.



Having shared my observations, I am not oblivious to the fact that appearances are deceptive and that physical beauty is not the parameter for a healthy long standing relationship. I would still like to make a toast to the irresistible cosmopolites!


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