Satanic Temptations That Weaken My Resolve

Determined to beat the bulge, a rotund, innocent me joined the local gym without the slightest suspicion of  the conspirators around the gym. Before I commenced my first free sessions with a personal trainer, I made several resolutions. You know what I mean; things  such as a bottle of wine a month, no junk food or takeaway, watching the portions, five days working out schedule etc.  Being a novice, with a few clumsy turns here and there I managed to find a parking spot not too far away from the gym. As I was anxious about making it to the gym at the appointed hour, I did not have the time to study my surroundings. I did notice the KFC building before which I had parked my small car. I survived my first session. Although cautious about new acquaintances, I was not judgmental about my PT.

The Devil was waiting for me around the corner; camouflaged in the evening darkness, smiling wickedly while entertaining the thought that If he could tempt Jesus Christ with the “kingdoms of the world and the glory of them”, if he could tempt Eve first and then Adam to eat the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden what match would this glutton be before his destructive powers. This time, instead of assuming the form of a vile serpent, he transformed himself into a demonic breeze that wafted out the delicious aromas from all the eateries to my nostrils. I looked around and to my horror I noticed Savanas Restaurant to my right, Rahsays to my left, KFC before me and when I turned around to see if there was any other food outlet I realised that Fit n Fast was directly behind me. Impending disaster loomed large before me. Curiosity got the better of me and I dared to venture a few steps away from Rashays only to find an array of restaurants adjacent to the former that offered delicious mouth watering meals. I could already feel my resolve weakening.

To make matters worse, each time I made a trip to the gym, whether with sore muscles or body aches, the face of beaming Colonel  Harland David Sanders in white with a touch of red, visible through the glass panes above the cardio workout area, coerced me to fantasize about  succulent and crispy chicken while sweating it out. Having earned the reputation of being the only person who continued to be obese even after enrolling at the gym (previous one), I tried to ignore the irresistible urge to cave-in. I have had a few successes but there were days when I succumbed to the temptations willingly as I was a slave to good taste. I think I need the interference of divine forces for a miracle!


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