Shapeshifting and Modern Day Reality

The word shapeshifting used to amuse me as memories of scenes from movies like ‘Sky High’ came flooding to my mind where in the superhero or sidekick had a superpower, which enabled them to change or shift or metamorphize into another being, creature, animal or human etc. My place of origin had equipped me with... Continue Reading →

Sugar Daddies: A Blessing in Disguise?

Years ago, when I pursued my dreams of obtaining an Australian tertiary qualification at University of Technology Sydney (Ku-ring-gai Campus), I was a permanent resident of the country and hence was eligible for the HECS-HELP (Higher Education Contribution Scheme -Higher Education Loan Program). As I was in a marital relationship then, my living expenses were... Continue Reading →

Rows of Lights – Nostalgic Moments

A text message reminded me that the day was auspicious and that Hindus all over the world were celebrating the festival of lights also known as Diwali or Deepavali, which in Sanskrit means rows of lights. Migration to Australia and circumstances, which had conspired with memory, had caused the significant day to fade into oblivion... Continue Reading →

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