Sugar Daddies: A Blessing in Disguise?

Years ago, when I pursued my dreams of obtaining an Australian tertiary qualification at University of Technology Sydney (Ku-ring-gai Campus), I was a permanent resident of the country and hence was eligible for the HECS-HELP (Higher Education Contribution Scheme -Higher Education Loan Program). As I was in a marital relationship then, my living expenses were taken care of by my then partner. The stipulation for this sort of loan is that the student has to repay the loan back to the government on completion of his or her studies and on obtaining employment with a reasonable pay scale that makes repayment possible. At that crucial juncture in my life, I was unaware of  sponsored arrangements and how these work. It is a scholarship type arrangement where the university has to be in consensus with third party  sponsorship agreement and the sponsor is expected to agree to the tuition fees and other expenses described in the financial guarantee to be invoiced directly.


Recently, during one of my  internet surfing sessions, my attention was arrested by the term sugar daddies and sugar babies. My curiosity got the better of me and I accessed few links comprising of websites and YouTube videos to enhance my understanding of this popular trend. University students, who want to lead a debt free life and enjoy the privileges that the elite are accustomed to, go to this pool of sponsors who are known as sugar daddies and put down their requirements and then agree to date the sponsor if he agrees to fulfil those requirements.  As there are many affluent providers who are looking for the company of such young aspiring individuals, who are  also known as the sugar babies, the sugar daddy dating sites are becoming increasingly popular among university students for whom expensive education would have been otherwise impossible.


Critics would call this arrangement as an opportunity for gold diggers to find wealthy people to enjoy luxurious lifestyle. I, on the contrary, see the youngsters accessing these sites as people who value education and are willing to make any compromise to materialise their dreams for education paves the way for better standard of living and better employment opportunities. These sites are a boon to ambitious youngsters who believe in stooping to conquer. 


  1. A very balanced review of the system Neetha. I certainly appreciate your courageous stand. Actually I am confused. I don’t like old men like me exploiting the plight of young ambitious students, but perhaps that’s the only way.
    I wish a level of independence is maintained and the youngsters don’t become slaves of some mafia.

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    1. It is more practical than courageous stand. As far as Mafia is concerned, they need to dictate their terms at the beginning as in they’re using them for education only and not to work for them. If one sugar daddy does not work out they can always go for another one!

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      1. I am much more clear now. Considering the cost of good education, this arrangement should work as practically suitable. I was worried about the exploitation against the will by use of force.
        The flexibility of sugar daddy selection is also great.
        Interestingly I was offered to be a sugar daddy here, not for education though, and was dismissed by the proposer in the next sentence as ‘just kidding’.


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