How was your Christmas?

My recent move to a suburb called Wetherill Park was the reason behind attending a catholic shrine in the suburb for Holy Masses. I am not an expert at identifying accents, however, I gathered that the different accent the priests had accounted for their Italian origin as the population comprises of Aussies, English, Italians predominantly and a minority of other cultural backgrounds. It being Christmas, my decision to be attentive during the sermon was rewarding as it enhanced my understanding of the spirit of Christmas from an entirely new perspective.

We all know that Christmas represents the celebration of the birth of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. The pastor who delivered the sermon was a little surprised when he was asked by an acquaintance how his Christmas was when the day was still young. He elucidated that the birth is just the beginning of God continuing to live with us and that God became human to teach us that humanity is god and that we all have a part of divinity within us and hence, “And the word was made flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14)

The image of god is within us and hence when we look at a person we should be able to see the image of god within that person. Although this is contrary to what I see in a person when I look at him or her superficially, it made a lot of sense and I was beginning to comprehend the crux of the matter. Hence Christmas is not just a historic event, nor is it one day celebration; it is a spiritual connection with God for the rest of the 364 days in a year. Next time, when you see your friend on the 25th of December, remember to ask, “How is your Christmas going?” as the significant event denotes an ongoing relationship with divinity.

If you look beyond the spiritual significance of the day, it is a day of togetherness with friends and family visiting us on this festive occasion. Being a glutton, I look forward to such days as an excuse to indulge myself in my favourite wine, deserts and spicy dishes with or without company.

The House of God is open to all for celebratory moments whereas my house is open only to private parties.


  1. Nice one Neetha 🙂 Going back in time, I remember going to the Lisieux Church @cbe on all festive occasions. I heard the church looks beautiful now. Been few decades since I visited last

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