Preview of ‘The Aeon of Improbable Scams’

C H A P T E R 1 Clueless Dan Rutherford was searching for apposite words to finish an urgent report when the telephone rang. He ignored the call and proceeded to the final paragraph of his report satisfied with his efforts. He had just saved it on to his portable hard drive when the... Continue Reading →

My Forthcoming Enterprise

In a dystopian setting, murders are executed in the dead of the night and bodies emerge in mysterious circumstances. What began as an old-fashioned scam in a country with a long history of corruption exploded into a political controversy. When a mysterious document surfaced with few influential names, a political upheaval ensued. While the saga... Continue Reading →

Predators lure their preys with clichés

The cliché ‘Don’t you trust me?’ is something we have all heard at some stage in our lives especially when in intimate relationships. Let me steer you away from other relationships and draw your attention only to man woman relationship which is based on trust. This also could be the reason why partners say, ‘Don’t... Continue Reading →

Are Laws That Cripple Individual Choices Essential? Recent news about Ms. Rahaf Mohammed Al-Qunun who fled Kuwait because of male guardianship laws that restricted her decisions and choices to travel without her father's permission piqued my curiosity about Guardianship laws practised in other countries. Much to my amazement, while I found guardianship laws for incapacitated seniors, guardianship laws for minors both natural and legal, guardianship laws... Continue Reading →

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