Creation – An Euphoric Moment

Bringing something to life or into existence is a self-transcendent venture. Creation is synonymous with self-transcendence as both revolve around the notion of personal progress. No matter what the field is or whether the feat achieved is small or large scale it is an individual’s attempt to construct, invent or achieve something better than his previous efforts. A positive characteristic which makes the creator feel like a celestial being.  An intoxication that gives you a high due to the limitless joy and extreme excitement one experiences. A proud moment when an individual sees the successful birthing of his efforts in a physical form.

This ecstatic moment is exclusive only to those who are willing to labour, to sacrifice many hours in pursuit of whatever significant venture an individual has set his/her mind on and relentlessly toiling till it comes to fruition simultaneously perfecting the art of creation. Irrespective of what medium or manner of delivery, recognised instantaneously or unacknowledged, the creator never ceases to bask in the glory of his/her achievements. Existential angst or necessity rather than monetary benefits triggers the creative process. Creators measure success in terms of quality and completion as opposed to the majority in the society for whom material benefits or financial gain is expedient to rate a creation a success.     

Once the triumphant feeling is experienced, the creator turns to society for appreciation. While few roses come their way, it is often not without the thorns of criticism. Critics wield the power to hurt the imaginative, sensitive, emotional creator and to strew obstacles in their pathway making glory a distant mountain fading into the horizon. Unable to reap the rewards of his/her efforts, the creator sulks in silence while Time, the healer, busies himself to cure the creator from his/her heartbreak as occasionally negative experiences have led to the breaking rather than the making of the creators. Perseverance, the nurse, with her nourishing care and patience, rescues the creators, who are sometimes novices, from slipping into the abyss of oblivion. A creator’s journey to fame rests in the hands of Goddess Fortune whose power to influence vicissitudes in a a creator’s life lies in the way she spins the wheel of fortune.

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