Valentine Day Highlights

2019 Lover’s Day (as it is widely known)

Returning from workplace fraught and exhausted, I did not have the mood or the mind to wish others a Valentine’s Day or post wishes to all on social networking websites. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not because I am not in a love relationship or am hurting, it is because I did not have the will. As mentioned in the previous Valentine Day’s post, being a narcissist, I am unable to find anyone good enough for me or somebody who would respect my terms and conditions. I almost decided against the celebrations then due to my son’s encouragement and not wanting to be a spoil sport, I headed to Stockland shopping center for a bottle of wine and Chilly Seafood Basil with boiled rice from a favourite restaurant called Thai in A Box. By the time I got back, I was in a celebratory mood and sat down to enjoy the rest of the evening.  

To bring in an aura of romance, I carefully chose a romantic film available on Netflix titled ‘The Choice’ which is a feel good movie. Between pouring myself glasses of crisp dry white wine and watching the film, the climax of which had an emotional impact on me, I lost track of time which was a good sign as it indicated that I was engrossed in what I was doing.

Feeling intoxicated and warm, I browsed through Netflix and my attention was arrested by a cannada film titled ‘Nathicharami’ which either translated as ‘A Promise to Stand By’ or the text in English served as a subtitle. Under the impression that the film was a typical Valentine Day’s one, I commenced viewing it. Contrary to my expectation, the film focused on the concept of the socially divided self.  Although the female protagonist was a successful career woman, she was a widow with womanly desires and a need for companionship. She was looking for sexual gratification but with no strings attached. Society, on the other hand expected a widow to lead a virtuous life and did not care about the biological needs of a woman. These contrasting expectations resulted in a socially divided self and becomes the cause for inner conflicts within her; a conflict between fulfilling society’s expectations or her physical needs via a fruitful love life. When she musters her courage to approach a gentleman whom she thought was broadminded, a comment from him such as, “I thought you are from a good family” infuriates and disappoints her. Eventually, the gentleman concedes to her proposal but guilt and a lack of love could have not made the experience worthwhile. At least, that is the impression I got from the concluding scenes.

On this universally significant day, I cruised through three different emotional phases ranging from anxiety to romantic mood to thought provoking moment. Hope my followers had a rewarding Valentine’s Day!

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