Misfortunes Come Together

I celebrated the closure of my personal loan too quick for which I had exhausted my little savings left after my usual expenditures. If I had known what lay in store for me, I would have been prudential. A throbbing ache in my leg, other physical ailments, my car battery’s failure to kick start and being towed away due to an alternator issue and my internet being cut out for chucking a fit about new development fee. These situations necessitated my sudden and unexpected leave applications. I believe in the maxim ‘Misfortunes come together’ now.

The experience comes with certain advantages and disadvantages; the advantages being sleep-ins, cooking and eating one’s favourite food, doing chores leisurely as there are no time constraints and having sufficient time for entertainment be it movies or internet surfing etc. The disadvantages are confinement at home, feeling crippled without internet except for the hotspot, missing the hustle-bustle of life and if you are a workaholic then you would probably miss the positive things at your workplace and even if you are not, you are required to provide information and other things related to your work while being on leave.

Absence of things we are accustomed to make us realise their value, which until then we take for granted. Stockland shopping centre is a 5-minute walk from home, and I have shied away from walking to the shops and whenever the thought crossed my mind, I put it away for later. We are so used to cars or vehicles that when we need something, we jump into our four wheelers and take off to our destination.  Having to walk back home with a shopping trolley or shopping bags with wheels is so unattractive and unappealing to those who know how to drive and who have a vehicle. If it were not for the hotspot, I would have been shut out form the rest of the world as far as communication is concerned. However, in the digital age, entertainment is also associated with internet connection – be it Netflix, Disney, Nickelodeon, Sports, Music, emails, internet banking, online shopping, blogging etc.

Talk about being subjected to a confinement by circumstances!


  1. Well articulated! Aren’t we all living around the hotspot – more like the planets revolving around the Sun which is another hotspot. But hey we have 5G now 🙂

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