My Quotes – The Aeon of Improbable Scams

The hustle and bustle of the city, the sizzling traffic, the magical aura of expectation-laden evenings, the trance of seductive lights and the company of spirited and vibrant people always intoxicated Ashley. Successful at twenty-eight, employed in one of the reputed television news broadcasting companies, Parker Broadcasting Systems, the findings of her investigative journalism were sensational enough to steal a spot in the cover story sections of leading magazines and newspapers.

He had wanted name and fame but was unprepared for the compromises he had to make to achieve his goals. When his ambitions materialized, realization dawned on him that try as he might he could never extricate himself from the nefarious entanglements he had linked himself with. The only option he had was to save himself from sinking into the abyss of ignominy, which coerced him to protect the big wigs.

The grave was covered as per traditions. Teary-eyed parents bid their daughter an emotional departure. The beautiful bright day contrasted with their sorrow-laden hearts. Even though they did not exchange words, there was a silent understanding between Ashley’s parents and Brian. Brian nodded his head in consensus. Natalie watched the interaction in stupefaction. The dead rested in peace while the living continued the dance of life.

When Dan had bartered his soul to the devil for material prosperity, he knew it would cost him his life. …Ironically, he recalled a play written by Christopher Marlowe that he had read during his college days. Little did he know he would agonize like Dr. Faustus in his last hours awaiting Mephistophilis’s arrival to claim his soul, which was the prize for all the pleasures he had savoured.

The stench of decomposed body, which was too strong to ignore, confirmed her worst suspicions. Even before she reached the scene of crime, she knew Dan Rutherford was a cadaver…. Shania, accustomed to blood and gore as an investigative journalist, covered her nose and mouth with a handkerchief tied at the back of her head. While the policemen busied themselves with their masks, Shania gave her camera a quick check and together they entered the ghastly crime scene.

The flammable liquid wasted no time in devouring the metal beast and the human flesh with its red jaws. Fire danced the dance of victory in all ferociousness while helpless spectators watched in horror and fascination. Within minutes police established their supremacy by sealing the crime scene and denying public access.

A pervading sense of fear and mistrust reigned over the nation so much that the mere mention of the scam was a taboo as the public regarded it as the bringer of misfortunes and afflictions. A Pandora’s box opened, and terrible disasters unleashed to the communities. While the FBI mourned the loss of a dedicated and larger-than-life officer, media was engaged in a pursuit of motives.

A gangrene infected arm, which needed amputation as its progression could lead to fatal disasters, including death. Few corrupt power mongers gave Andrew Scott, a renowned illusionist, the green signal to sever the gangrenous Richard Filippo from the body of politics fearing their own expiration.

Ayana was renowned for her lustful ways as she coupled black magic love spell with witchery directed towards enemies. It was her philosophy to harness her sexual energy to satisfy her sexual instinct as advocated by the teachings of Aleister Crowley. She was excited about her new project, which was to inflict death on a federal agent.

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