Rainbows Model Embracing Differences

The appearance of a meteorological phenomenon in the sky with a caesura in the rhythmic pitter patter of rain is not an unusual sight yet forces out a gasp of delight from us when we see one. Last Friday, after the storm, I was fortunate to have spotted one from my backyard. When one looks at the circular arc of seven bright and brilliant colours, little do we think about reflection, refraction, dispersion of light in water droplets which produces a spectrum of light. It is the visual spectacle that appeals to our senses.

Literature emphasises on the symbolism of rainbow associating with ideas of hope and inspiration etc. While these ideas are not novel to me, recent research made me realise that rainbows have many valuable life lessons to offer. My quest for the meanings of rainbows lead me to an interesting article that offered different interpretations that are relevant to life. Some of the life lessons highlighted by the article are how rainbows teach us ideas of peace and serenity, good luck, wisdom, transition, spiritual growth, connection to divinity, endless possibilities etc.

Although we know that rainbow consists of seven colours and the acronym we use to remember the colours is VIBGYOR which expands into violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red, we often fail to comprehend its connection to the notion of unity or equality. Different colours combine to form one arc and convey one message, which is to embrace our own differences and differences of others. I was impressed by the article’s approach emphasising on the need to surround ourselves with different people to challenge ourselves constantly and to extend ourselves spiritually. None can take the place of the best teacher other than Nature .


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