Interesting and Hilarious Traditions Followed on Easter Mondays

Have you ever wondered why Easter Monday is a public holiday? The logical explanation is that people deserve an extra day after Easter celebrations to recover from hangover and from exhaustion after a hectic long weekend. However, Easter Monday has its own significance as a few traditions are associated with this day. Before I jump... Continue Reading →

Aren’t we all crucified? Blasphemy?

The significance of Good Friday is associated more with the notion of long weekend comprising of four days, out of which three are public holidays making it the perfect time for a getaway rather than the original reason. Good Friday denotes the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on Golgotha also known as 'place of skull', a... Continue Reading →

The Rising Popularity of Vloggers or YouTubers

Video blogs most popularly known as vlogs, as we all know, became sensational since YouTube created an online platform for bloggers to present their blogs via video presentation mode be it business blogs, personal blogs or live broadcasting. With more and more social platforms offering this feature such as Instagram and Facebook, one cannot stop... Continue Reading →

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