Resiliency: A Vanishing Characteristic Trait

It is not an unfamiliar word. The word has been flung at us ever so many times by people wielding authority. A significant word that fails to get its due importance. An utterance utilised effectively by orators in their motivational speeches. Its synonym even though comprehended by majority applied sparingly to life by individuals when confronted with challenges. A word and a trait that could have saved many from suicidal tendencies or acts. A word that has become the theme of many a writer’s compositions and still is. A favourtie term used by psychologists in their daily routines or in their interaction with experts on the subject. A gentle word that brings life and health. The word is said and it is ‘RESILIENCE’ which dictionaries define as the ability to bounce back in one’s life despite all odds.

Although we are not born with this ability, it is a skill we cannot do without. When an individual faces crises in life, emerges unscathed without being ravaged by those, it demonstrates that he has learnt to cope with the unpredictability of life and has become resilient. He is ready to move on in life, willing to face new life situations and is better prepared to confront the harsh realities. In order to have such potential, one needs to develop one’s mental processes and behaviours to avoid sinking into negativity and to overcome traumatic experiences and failures in life. Once I was asked to tell in a few words what my first book ‘Pneuma’ was about. I took a few seconds to think and even though the book is a roman-à-clef with emphasis on migrant experiences both on the personal and professional front, I said it was about ‘resilience’. When I said it a second time, I said it with conviction because here I am battling through life with renewed energy whether I am recognized, rewarded, redeemed or not.

Children and youngsters these days seemed to lack this capability as they prefer to escape challenging situations rather than confront these instead of overcoming the stress, pain, defeat, humiliation and other negative emotions and become resilient. Hence the necessity for projects such as ‘The Resilient Project’, which aims at providing strategies to build resilience and happiness via engaging programs. It’s not just the youth who are non-resilient and less persevering nowadays. even adults from all walks of life including teachers, lawyers, sportsmen, corporate employers and employees, businessmen etc. have displayed tendencies to choose the easier option out and could benefit from a few positive mental health strategies recommended by The Resilient Project App. Stay positive and take control of your lives!

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