The Never-ending Possibilities of Multimodal Texts Via New Technologies

The popularity of classics or texts that has withstood the test of time has never decreased over the centuries but has only increased with the advancement of new technologies in this age of digital revolution and the availability of new technologies. Today’s readers are presented with innumerable choices to engage with texts in their favourite... Continue Reading →

As Mysterious as Mist …

Ever wondered about the precise hour when Mist establishes her supremacy over beautiful locales while driving past it or during your morning walks? You just feel its commanding presence and are immediately in awe. Mountains, valleys, woods, forests, parks no matter where Mist reigns, her stealthy arrival is unnoticed, and she lingers softly demanding your... Continue Reading →

Gymnophobia replaced by exhibitionism?

Recent exposure to news about streakers during sporting events not only intrigued me but also initiated my investigation about the psychological factors that influenced the streakers to peel and the history of streaking. Most reliable sources would define streaking as the act of running naked through a public place such as a sporting event as... Continue Reading →

Imposing Homosexuality: A recent trend?

A few weeks ago while driving to my workplace, I heard MikeE and Emma on 96.1 talk about a homosexual male hitting on straight guys in his office. Initially, his co-workers thought it funny however, then his tactics became more intimidating and could not be dismissed as innocent comments or gestures. The radio hosts initiated... Continue Reading →

Surrogacy: An Answer to Women’s Prayers

Surrogacy is a blessing in disguise for those couples for whom childbirth is an impossibility. Even though adoption would be an option to parents, it is never as fulfilling and complete as having one's own. Surrogate mothers who help deliver childless couples' offspring are a divine intervention to these otherwise distraught life partners. Holding a... Continue Reading →

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