Imposing Homosexuality: A recent trend?

A few weeks ago while driving to my workplace, I heard MikeE and Emma on 96.1 talk about a homosexual male hitting on straight guys in his office. Initially, his co-workers thought it funny however, then his tactics became more intimidating and could not be dismissed as innocent comments or gestures. The radio hosts initiated a discussion about such deliberate manoeuvres of imposing homosexuality on heterosexuals as a criminal offence. Unwanted requests to go out on dates or insinuating to a heterosexual repeatedly that he or she is a gay or lesbian and hence should favour the company of homosexuals would assume the form of sexual harassment. As it is a Sexual Discrimination Act related issue, it is a violation of human rights and hence the victim could approach Australian Human Rights Commission to resolve the victimisation.

I wonder if the sanction of gay or same sex marriage has contributed to homosexuals harassing heterosexuals to become like them. Besides sexual favours, homosexuals are forcing heterosexuals to accept them in order to receive benefits such as visa, shared accommodation, employment opportunities etc. I also realised that victims subjected to such harassments are clueless about what they need to do when they experience sexual discrimination. Even though the best course of action would be to approach the individual or people and raise the issue directly, not many victims are confident to deal with the situation themselves. Alternatively, the victims could make their complaints to Australian Human Rights commission, in writing, who would invite the victim and the bully to a conciliation to resolve the matter. The victims could also request a solicitor, advocate or trade union to act on their behalf. If the harassment continues and matters have not been resolved satisfactorily, the victim could escalate the complaint to the Federal Court of Law.

Personally, when confronted with a situation where homosexuals impose their ideas and lifestyle on me, I would react adversely as it becomes an identity issue. Many factors define my identity and my sexual preference is one of those factors. I am a healthy woman who prefers active sex life no matter what the circumstance is and this has been my identity and should continue to be so as with many other women. In Australia, it is unlawful to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation in certain areas of public life, including education and employment. If an act is unwanted, unlawful, unacceptable, we should protest and stand for our rights. I like to take charge of my life. How about you?

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