As Mysterious as Mist …

Ever wondered about the precise hour when Mist establishes her supremacy over beautiful locales while driving past it or during your morning walks? You just feel its commanding presence and are immediately in awe. Mountains, valleys, woods, forests, parks no matter where Mist reigns, her stealthy arrival is unnoticed, and she lingers softly demanding your admiration. As you gaze at her beauty while she gradually conquers her realm, you become one with her and in that amnesiac moment your trials and tribulations disappear miraculously. She beckons to you and you unconsciously gravitate towards her glory. If you are far from the madding crowd, you would be enthralled by the spell she casts over you until her rival, Sun, vanquishes her in the conquest.  

Certain problems or challenges or obstacles in life descends on us like the mist, catching us unaware. It arrives so mysteriously, noiselessly, that we often are clueless about its advent. We find ourselves entangled by these unwelcome intruders that extricating ourselves from its vicious grip becomes difficult or seems impossible. Through hazy vision our foggy heads struggle to escape or overcome the stumbling block or blocks. Just as the sun’s warmth forces the mist’s retreat, our positive energy and attitude would dissipate the complications in life into nothingness.  None can instruct us better than Nature, our greatest teacher.

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