The Never-ending Possibilities of Multimodal Texts Via New Technologies

The popularity of classics or texts that has withstood the test of time has never decreased over the centuries but has only increased with the advancement of new technologies in this age of digital revolution and the availability of new technologies. Today’s readers are presented with innumerable choices to engage with texts in their favourite genres as the invention of devices such as iPad, iPhone and other iOS and Android devices has enhanced the possibilities of reintroducing texts in different formats and text-types. Popular characters created by original authors have assumed a new shape or form or version in the minds of contemporary audience due to myriad appropriations or adaptations available. A few recreations of the popular original characters such as Sherlock Holmes, Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde, Romeo etc. have either a few modifications to suit different periods of time, cultures, purposes etc. or employed as allusions or bear no semblance at all to the original portrayal.   

New technologies make it possible for composers of multimodal texts to reintroduce classics or popular texts of yesteryears to a wider range of audience via different types of media such as television, magazines, radio, web series, video games, apps, films and drama. 21st century composers are able to sustain the interest of contemporary audience in the multimodal texts through sound effects, special effects, graphics, innovative software etc. New technologies have made it possible for composers to reach out to a specific audience who are not book lovers through specific platforms such as games, blogs, social networking sites etc. Games developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3&4, Xbox 360 or One etc. besides familiarising the gamers with the well-known characters provide gamers an understanding about how investigations or interrogations work, how mysteries, conflicts or problems are solved, how crime has consequences etc.

Multimodal texts mirror the changes in society and emphasise on the continuing need for gender equity in texts with female representations of popular male characters thereby increasing the possibilities for women to engage with texts where women are not portrayed as passive observers or victims but as individuals capable of deductions and intellectual pursuits. The invention of apps have made it possible for educators, learners and people interested in different genres to engage with the historical, cultural and social context of texts. A few apps with interactive functions allow the users to participate in exciting adventures, solve mysteries by offering suggestions to the composers, read eBooks and enjoy other captivating features the apps offer. Under the circumstances, it would not be hard to comprehend the popularity of multimodal texts in any field. Multimodal is the way to go!

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