The Wellness Is In the Well-being

As hundreds and thousands suffer from work related stress in contemporary society, there is much focus on staff well being nowadays. While professionalism has been emphasised in every field, unprofessional conduct from staff or clients and sometimes from both contribute to high levels of stress for the victimised. Challenging behavioural patterns from male and female staff irrespective of the age groups, work related issues, pressures to perform despite all odds, competition to maintain power, position and monetary benefits, striving to become successful in the eyes of critical or judgemental societies have not helped those in workforce and most struggle to cope with their anxieties. Being educators, especially when dealing with rebellious adolescents, it does not take long for composed staff to lose their cool.

Now you could argue that work related stress is a phenomenon experienced only by the inexperienced. Those who have gained considerable years of service in any field would be able to vouch for the fact that this observation is untrue. Even experienced staff, whether employee or employer, face new and unfamiliar situations, calamities and unexpected challenges. Repeated exposure to days fraught with tensions makes staff irate and react irrationally or adversely to people, events or scenarios. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise to see the diverse reactions of different people in a respectable and socially responsible profession.

It is hilarious to learn about the ways in which people relieve their stress when it becomes traumatic in nature. I had resorted to primal scream therapy, listening to music, emptying bottles of wine, ranting and raving, stress eating, neglecting physical activity, slipping into a state of inactivity or lethargy etc. There are others who have resorted to smoking, drugs, sleeping pills, consulting psychoanalysts or psychiatrists etc. Yet others, watch movies and opt for other sources of entertainment to stop themselves from repeatedly ruminating about the days’ occurrences or previous experiences.  

Recently, I had the opportunity of attending a well-being session held by Daniela Falecki at Novotel Brighton-Le-Sands on Staff Development Day which was eye-opening, and none could deny the highlighted truths about staff well-being. It was an enriching experience to learn about the causes of stress and anxiety, the strategies with which these could be coped efficiently and the ways in which we could live well; the crux being if there is well being there is progression!

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