Paradoxes revolving around Public Transportation

People prefer the comfort of their luxurious cars than the affordable buses and trains. The obvious reasons being the early departures, the lengthy journey and the luggage, which you would have carelessly tossed in the boot of your car had you favoured your vehicle over the public transport. Born and brought up in a country facing population explosion, if I said I courted the phobia of overcrowded buses it wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

A day before my 46th birthday, I met with an accident that resulted in my Toyota Yaris YR 2010 written off. With this accident I was compelled to rely on public transportation to take several trips to the dealer to purchase a new car. Around this time, I had to travel to nine different schools to administer tests and even though I had my new car since the second day onward a wrong turn, a detour that took me away from my destination, inability to retrace my route made the car trip nightmarish. You would laugh at me if I confessed that in my desperation I hired a taxi just to follow the driver to where I had to report and was relieved to reach the destination on the dot with his assistance for which I had to pay the taxi fare. After that horrendous experience, I relied heavily on public transportation to reach the institutions allocated to me.

Contrary to the belief that public transport is inconvenient, I preferred to travel via T80 to Paramatta and from there via train to different locales. The proximity of a T-way a few steps from my establishment made travel by bus less arduous, even though I had to wake up early and be at the stop to board the bus on time. I became accustomed to the ritual of rising early, rushing to the stop to board the bus and once inside the bus fitted JBL headset on to my head and ears to stop myself from nodding and commenced a sleepy journey till Parramatta from where I boarded the linking transportation. It relieved me from the stress of jotting down the route, traffic, fear of losing my way on a new route and accidents, parking etc. Fortunately, the return trips too were less cumbersome. Despite having a brand new car parked in my garage, due to my recently developed fondness for a stress free ride on the bus/train, I continued to use public transport to unfamiliar places just for the sake of convenience.

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