Nagging Women at 26/27

Contented women in long relationships become suddenly nagging women when they near 26 or 27 years of age or so I have heard from experts on the subject of man-woman relationships. From reliable sources, I have heard that men prefer to break their relationship with women who compel or coerce them into walking the latter down the aisle. According to the masculine gender, the women who rush their partners into matrimony are pressurising them unnecessarily while they still have time on their hands to settle down. Men are okay with the idea of romance with no strings attached ; however, when it comes to tying the knot with their steady girlfriends they seem to court phobia. Instead of sealing the stable and secure relationship they have enjoyed so long, men’s preference to break up have baffled many a woman.

What the male partners in a relationship seems to be conveniently ignoring is that their female partner’s body undergoes transformations as she ages. Pregnancy could cause unpredictable complications in women who have crossed 40 years of age and women, who have aged further, lose their ability to conceive with the advent of menopause. Under the circumstances, one cannot misinterpret a woman’s attempt to rush her male partner into a marital relationship as pure acts of selfishness or self-centredness. For a healthy family life, it is essential that both male and female partners are youthful and fit. If a couple decides in favour of a wedding in their late twenties, they would be able to look back at their lives with satisfaction in their late forties if they find their offsprings’ self-sufficient and successful in different professions. It is not without reason that Indian communities insist on marriages taking place at the right time, at the right age and with the right people.

One cannot overlook the fact that financial concerns could be one of the reasons why the male partners are reluctant to propose to their long term girl friends. The doubts men entertain about their ability to afford the expenses to raise a family could be a major reason why they get cold feet when the subject of marriage is brought up. What happens when the male partner fails to achieve his financial goals and the willing female partner waited in vain for a few more years only to fall apart? Who is to be blamed then?

I suppose life is a gamble and each move we take has its own risks. We still crusade through life and its unexpected situations and bounce back despite failures.

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