Creativity: A Taboo for Educators?

Did you know that it is fashionable to talk about creativity nowadays? Creativity is emphasised in every walk of life, including Education. However, educators who demonstrate creativity outside their classrooms or school environment, for some unthinkable reason, are regarded as wrong doers. Teachers who are creative writers often receive cold shoulder treatment and are intimidated by their own colleagues; a reaction to hide their own fears, envy and any other insecure feeling they are experiencing. Often policies and procedures or other formalities are overlooked by authorities and colleagues as they see creativity as a sign of rebellion.

While the scenario is different at schools, various bodies connected to the education system, professional development providers etc. have encouraged teachers to be writers irrespective of the innumerable genres available, even erotic literature such as ‘The Secret Language of Desire’ by Megan Heyward as part of a narrative app she had designed. The haters are unaware of writing rooms throughout New South Wales and other states of Australia where many talented teachers put their heads together for collective or individual creative expression. With the inclusion of modules in the new HSC syllabus such as ‘The Craft of Writing’ and ‘Focus on Writing’ authoring experience is essential for educators.

We all know that creativity exists in different forms. Have you wondered why writers write? There are many reasons why they author and publish books even though monetary benefits are not guaranteed. Writing allows the authors to escape in to the imaginary worlds created by them and explore human emotions, experiences and relationships. Sometimes, writers write to discover themselves and for other deeply personal reasons as one cannot ignore the healing powers writing has on the individual involved in it. Sometimes authors compose texts to instruct and make readers morally, socially and intellectually aware of the people, situations and the world around them as it is not possible for an individual to have all sorts of experience before they exit the stage. It is a huge relief for a creative and rebellious person like me to function in an institution that has for its motto “Empowering Young Men through Innovation”

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