Are You Kidding?

Idolising celebrities is not an unfamiliar occurrence as we know that there are millions of crazy fans who would lay their lives down for their favourite heroes or heroines. Should the fans be blinded by the glitterati to such an extent that even humorous observations fetch scathing attacks from them? Can’t they take a joke? Viewers’ intelligence has been constantly teased and taken for granted by the movie makers’ unreal portraiture of characters, situations, relationships, skills and abilities bestowed impulsively on the cast etc.

If you are wondering what I am rambling about, you don’t have to wait long to follow my line of argument. Recollect the fight scenes from popular films where your favourite hero, like a highly trained ninja, beats his adversaries ranging from a minimum of ten to a maximum of fifty singlehandedly. If you are one of the viewers with exceptional observational skills, you would have noticed that your hero, even when he is outnumbered, only tackles one opponent at a time in a fight while the other rowdies or bad guys stand around him passively waiting for their turn to contest the hero. If you disagree with my opinion then feel free to watch the fight scene from the game ‘Sarkar Infinite’ which is a replica of the fight scene in the Tamil film ‘Sarkar’.

If you think fight scenes mock your intellectual capabilities, then watch the songs from popular films. Your favourite hero plays the role of a character, who though did not hail from a family of musicians or dancers, performs like a professional sans rehearsals. In most song situations triggered by a dialogue, a dream or a confession, the hero walks into a discotheque or a decorated venue with large gatherings or a picturesque locale and mesmerises the audience with his stunning dance to sizzling numbers. In most situations he is also accompanied by a skimpily clad, curvaceous or voluptuous lady love or co-dancer and that is not all. They would then raise their voices in unison to the accompaniment of musical instruments so effortlessly that they would even put nightingales to shame.

I have not touched upon sentimental scenes, emotional blackmails by the hero or heroine’s friends and family and improbable denouement yet as I know you are clever enough to get the big picture. This would be a befitting ‘Tit for Tat’ for those film makers or directors who underestimate their viewers.

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