Rising Representation in a Risky Realm

Confident women are exerting themselves in the political arena. While it is not a surprise to hear about leading politicians being women in different countries in the world, it is the 11.7% in the Lok Sabha and 11% in the Rajya Sabha representation that is noteworthy in the Indian Parliament. The marginal difference is not wide when compared to the 20-22% representation of women in politics internationally. It is a significant progression in a male dominated field. With celebrities, especially actresses, entering this ever-changing dynamic world of politics, we now have young and hot looking leading female politicians.

What do actresses know about affairs of the country? I know you would be asking yourself this classic question? I don’t blame you for I did too. On second thoughts, I realised that most actresses are educated these days as opposed to the 1950’s and are aware of political and social issues that hinder growth in the country. They become successful candidates in the elections due to their recurrent appearances in the media. The major political parties are not pressured to invest a lot to just familiarise the people with their candidates or make the latter popular as they have already established connection with people in different constituencies who are their ardent admirers. Winning with a 60,000 majority or 70,000 is a piece of cake for the candidates hailing from the tinsel world.

A one-time victory could be regarded as an unexpected turn made by the wheel of fortune. However, to win a second time in the elections with a sweeping majority is a clear indication of the fact that they address the needs of the needy people in their communities or electorate. These actresses turned politicians are not only charming or beautiful to look at but they are affluent and influential enough to alleviate problems and bring about significant changes in the different cross sections of the societies. Surrounded by magical aura, these female politicians are able to instil belief in their voters that their requests or pleas would not fall on deaf years and that all their woes would miraculously disappear.  

Politics is not a bed of roses. Swaying the heart of millions is one thing and commanding the respect of fellow parliamentarians is another thing. It is often difficult to ‘have your say’ and female politicians have had to be assertive just to be heard or to be taken seriously. The maxim “A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins” is true in the case of these leading politicians who despite the competition, pressures and failures have persevered and fulfilled a few of the many promises they have made to the voters. Kudos to these hot and not-so-hot leading women politicians!   

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