Myths about Race, Colour and Creed

Ever since I migrated to Australia in 2003, I am accustomed to and tired of hearing myths about people belonging to different race, colour and creed. I must make honest admissions about my subjectivity before I ramble on about the status quo. Societies or people around me have a significant role in influencing me to entertain prejudices about other races even if I do not want to do so. This must be the case with others too. The perception that women of certain race are not forward when it comes to matters such as sex, virginity, watching porn or marrying foreigners is not true. Each individual has his/her own ideas, opinions or outlook towards such matters irrespective of their national and cultural backgrounds.

This takes me to the definition of virginity. There was a time when people associated the term virginity only to sexual intercourse or physical intimacy. Recently, I had the opportunity to read about the modern definition of virginity on Liveaboutdotcom and couldn’t agree less. The composer has emphasised on the idea that virginity is not something that you lose but as something that you are ready to give by moving to the next stage of intimacy. As per this outlook, a victim of rape is still a virgin in mind as the victim was not ready to give it to her lover or participate in the act. A lack of emotional connection despite the penetration makes the person a virgin. Therefore, virginity is an emotional state rather than sexual intercourse where the mind is in unison with the short and sweet experience termed sex.

While majority like to cling to their own communities for stability, security and support networks, there are others who prefer not to conform for their own reasons. Call them daredevils or not, they think outside the box and go a step ahead by tying the knot with foreigners despite scathing criticisms or disapproval from friends and family. I may have difficulty in backing up my arguments with examples from my neighbourhood or locality as their photos seldom appear on the pages of glossy magazines. However, in no seconds, I could find photos of celebrities who have married foreigners to contradict stereotypical notions entertained by rednecks or the ignorant that women belonging to certain race, colour or creed aren’t modern and do not embrace change.  

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